Friday, January 13, 2012

pan roasted chicken, sauteed brussels sprouts with crispy shallot and almond, angry smashed potatoes

The pan reduction was yummy. I liked the brightness from the thyme
that almost had a citrus quality, both in the pan sauce and in the
sauce for the sprouts. I halved and steamed them first to lock in the
color. Smashed potatoes (Gene named them because the kids were pretty
punchy and tearing around underfoot and the word "I want ... Mommy ...
" was pretty much everywhere, I was just trying to get dinner on the

I love shallots. And Thyme. And Chicken thighs. And, I'm Irish. Of
course I love potatoes. (these had some celery leaf and garlic cloves
cooked with them for some extra yummyyummyshlurpiness.)

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