Monday, January 16, 2012

just for you, MLK

The color of the tomatoes is brown. The flesh is still red, and they
are the juiciest and sweetest tomatoes I've EVER bought in January.
Timing is good, too, since the sauce I made and froze with a bushel of
plum tomatoes is long gone. Wait. Want to hear the best part? These 4
packs of delicious, not expected delicious little bites in January --
3 packs for a buck! Really? REALLY? Wow. I am so making red, err,
brown sauce tomorrow. Here, between a 1/2 and full bushel of
tomatoes, perfectly ripe and delish, for less than $20! That's a heck
of a lot of pasta and sauce for $20!

(I also scored 10 apples for $1.98 - I think the produce truck comes
in on Mondays, so they needed to make room for the pretty fruits - and
about 30 oranges for the same. It was crazy! About 2 pounds of fresh
ginger for .99)

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