Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fresh eggs. Nothing beats them!

Except, maybe, a whisk. ;) Aren't they GORGEOUS? Remember - with
eggs and scallops, the more colors the better. These eggs are

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

what was left!!

Here's some of the tags from the cheeses on Saturday. The Drunken
Goat was far and away the #1 by weight, volume, and vanishing acts. I
think people were surprised by its nuttiness, creamyness, dryness, and
deliciosity. Unikaase I love because it actually has texture - a
little crunch, together with salt and nuttiness. Cheddar is a
perennial favorite. The fig spread? To die for. I think Whole Foods
needs to send me a commission check. ;) Lots of new fans. And you
just can't go wrong with triple cream brie! Yummy Yummy Schlurp!

pain perdu

So, our friend Tim Hoffner makes Really. He
does. He made some (36 batards) for a little get together we had on
Saturday night. This was breakfast on Sunday morning. Pain Perdu --
another word for French Toast. Delicious. The crust, the crumb, all
played together so harmoniously. It was amazing. And yummy. Oh so
Yummy. Made you want to schlurp it all up!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

dinner party

filet of beef sandwich with dressed arugula, rainbow carrot crudites,
ginormous strawberries, roasted shallots, creamy dreamy Mac n Cheesy
(with eggs, gruyere, butter, cream, it's amazing and the kiddos loved
it), roasted fennel, roasted celery, beets napoleon, roasted
mushrooms, mushroom juice, and red pepper cous cous ... I didn't shoot
the cheese. It was good! Drunken goat, unikaase reserve, big wheel
cheddar, triple cream brie ... om nom nom yummy yummy SCHLURP! And,
there was a crown and a dress. We also had our 3 year old's birthday
party last night -- 15 or so kids, a bunch of adults, Mme Queen Potty
Pants enjoyed her party immensely.