Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bacon bacon bacon! (fresh off the grill, set up as smoker!)

Here's what fresh, home-cured bacon looks like. These two started out
as pork bellies from the market. They were dry cured in the fridge for
about 10 days, then smoked today for about 4 hours. I can't wait to
taste some of this batch of bacon, bacon, BAAAACON!

What possessed us, you may ask, to start making our own bacon? Well,
partially curiosity. Partially our quest to use non-processed foods.
Partially, looking at sausages one day and realizing that all of them
contained MSG as an ingredient. Go. Look at your local market. I don't
care where you live, or what brands are there. Look at sausage and you
will find it.

We have fennel, we have garlic, sundried tomatoes, cheese, salt,
pepper -- all the stuff sausages are made with, so we thought, "why
not?" and you know what? It was -- so we thougt - why not do
the same with bacon. And there you have it.

YY --no, really - S!

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