Sunday, March 4, 2012

dinner party

filet of beef sandwich with dressed arugula, rainbow carrot crudites,
ginormous strawberries, roasted shallots, creamy dreamy Mac n Cheesy
(with eggs, gruyere, butter, cream, it's amazing and the kiddos loved
it), roasted fennel, roasted celery, beets napoleon, roasted
mushrooms, mushroom juice, and red pepper cous cous ... I didn't shoot
the cheese. It was good! Drunken goat, unikaase reserve, big wheel
cheddar, triple cream brie ... om nom nom yummy yummy SCHLURP! And,
there was a crown and a dress. We also had our 3 year old's birthday
party last night -- 15 or so kids, a bunch of adults, Mme Queen Potty
Pants enjoyed her party immensely.

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