Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I love this story: McDonalds, Dru, Ernie, and the neighbors.

There's a reason my kids have never had them - not by my buying them, anyway. True story - when my oldest was 6, he and his little brother, 2, went on a playdate to the movies with neighbors. My 2 neighbor friends were shocked and delighted when they brought all the kids (7 total) to McD afterward and my son said, "but there's nothing here I want to eat. What about the salad, I suppose that's not so bad." so he ordered a salad for he and his brother. The other kids ate mcnuggets and fries and sodas. Operation don't go there successful.

Evelyn has still not eaten anything from McDonald's. It never became part of our habit.  It never will.

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